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Senior Scene

It appears that I've started an avalanche with my announced political candidacy. That is exceptionally heartwarming. Wherever I've gone the... Full Story

Birthdays seem to be the biggest event of the year for quite a few of us this year and while... Full Story

Well looky here, we're revving up for another election which usually means I'm going to hate all the hoopla and... Full Story

Richard C. (Ricky) Gallegos was one of the brightest, kindest and hardest working young men I have ever known. Diabetes... Full Story

The lazy hazy days of summer are upon us big time and that usually means a hiatus on local activities... Full Story

Last Sunday was not only Father's Day, it was the first day of summer and in Canada, National Aboriginal Day.... Full Story

Tracy Harris. When I say that name I only wish all the love and respect that fills my... Full Story

I have some questions. Maybe some of you other seniors have wondered about this and other things that for some... Full Story

Are you planning the dream trip of your life that isn't a cruise for once? If so you... Full Story

From where I sit, it seems to me that Memorial Day is a more significant holiday for seniors than for... Full Story

Over the last few years our mailbox has been flooded with numerous health newsletters and I've sampled a lot of... Full Story

You didn't have to be an aficionado of saxophones to be enthralled with the last concert of the Antelope Valley... Full Story

There are mothers-in-law and then there are other mothers-in-law, some good, some better, all of them hating to give up... Full Story

May Day, the first of May, conjures up many childhood memories of things like dancing around a Maypole. Girls chosen to... Full Story

We seniors live in a world of technological advances that were considered fantasy ravings by crazies when we were kids. Full Story


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