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Senior Scene

Did you have a panic attack the day the airwaves and cyberspace went down in Antelope Valley leaving traffic lights... Full Story

Veterans Day is one day of the year to formally recognize living veterans and memorialize those who served well then... Full Story

Hallelujah! Today's the day we can go to the mid-term polls, go into the little voting cubicle, poke holes in... Full Story

This is the time of year when everybody is getting ready to scare the britches off as many people as... Full Story

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, but there's only one Rose Matarrochi, champion of the oldies! For four... Full Story

It just doesn't pay to have pre-conceived ideas or expectations about concert performers or their music. You'll be... Full Story

When the Lancaster Elks decide to put on a show you want to be sure not to miss it. Last year's... Full Story

Does everyone remember the story about mythical Greek father and son, Daedalus and Icarus? They wanted to leave the isle... Full Story

Do you remember the little sermon I preached a few weeks ago about taking mini trips? Well, I almost always... Full Story

Old Timers (O.T.) are classy, too.Many of them fill the seats at LPAC for those concerts at the... Full Story

What would you do if you suddenly heard you were going to get a windfall of $9,000 from the government? Full Story

Pastors come in all sizes, shapes and personalities and last as long as they can keep a diverse congregation relatively... Full Story

One of our goals in life is to keep seniors active, interested and happy to be contributing so I've decided... Full Story

It hardly seems possible but this generation of high school students, at least a lot of them, are not familiar... Full Story

It hasn't been all that long ago that Jack Cohen was alive and he and his wife, Joann, had their... Full Story


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