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A reader's analysis on Proposition 45's merits Unfortunately for those of us who rely on fair and balanced editorial presentations, your... Full Story

November is a chance to exercise our votes It may be true that President Barack Obama is more corrupt than Nixon,... Full Story

Time to overhaul the labor conditions here The flap between Kinkisharyo and Palmdale and IBEW Local 11 and Kinkisharyo's decision not... Full Story

Not his skill set? I only wish that my president was as good at governance as he is at fundraising. Jim Brock,... Full Story

City is committed to bringing in good jobs The City of Palmdale is totally committed to bringing good jobs to the... Full Story

The best engine for change is your vote During a speech in 1980, the late Paul Weyrich (the co-founder of the... Full Story

One step ahead? Don't you think by now that ISIS has figured out we will be too slow to... Full Story

Disappointed in the turnout for this debate I have just returned from attending a community debate sponsored by the League of... Full Story

The U.S. Senate knows who butters its bread 'It would be faster to just vote in election." Treason, high crimes and... Full Story

Army objectives and freedom from tyranny One of the Army's latest recruitment ads features a supposed soldier who says, in part,... Full Story

We should have cut ISIS off at its roots When interviewed by "60 Minutes," President Barack Obama passed the buck again,... Full Story

Selecting the facts is how you build opinion Guy Marsh states that the Old Testament is disreputable. But he clearly does... Full Story

Now we have terrorism right here in homeland It was inevitable, I'm afraid, and so the precedent has been set; the... Full Story

Cameras on the police will be beneficial to all I think putting cameras in police cars and on the police will... Full Story

Getting the facts while shooting for a bogey? The fact is, President Barack Obama did not see ISIS was a threat.... Full Story


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