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Good planets are hard to find these days As this is written, the entire planet is celebrating the 48th Earth Day,... Full Story

Receiving feedback is always welcome Interesting rebuttals from Dax Agner, Timothy Gassaway and Barry Braman regarding my comments on an... Full Story

A system that exploits all workers Charles Nip'pell wrote, "I'd like Guy Marsh to define 'common sense,' 'common human decency,' as... Full Story

Women face hard road in the armed forces I read Patty Akkad's thought-provoking letter voicing support for our military and... Full Story

Obama wasted trillions on stimulus funding The other day there was a letter from Marty Scepan, who apparently was thumbing... Full Story

Arguments against the Nation of California A recent letter writer suggested that California becoming a separate country would be supportable and... Full Story

Things aren't looking good for Trump The legal hoops necessary to obtain a warrant to search and seize items from... Full Story

No one talks about balancing the budget Now that Republicans are in power it's back to borrow and spend. We... Full Story

This community values Sheriff's Department Guy Marsh, shame on you. You don't belong in this community. We value our Sheriff's Department... Full Story

Some facts about compensation study In March, Lew Stults, a member of the Antelope Valley College Board of Trustees, wrote a... Full Story

The Voice speaks on Lancaster zone abuse I, especially as a real estate broker, am appalled at how the city... Full Story

Beginner's guide to AV's springtime snakes Yes, it is that time of year again and the south western Mojave Desert... Full Story

Trusting God is the only way to be free Here is a question for people who think California should secede... Full Story

How do we get out of this mess? Your editorial re: National debt tops $21 trillion should have front page headlines... Full Story

Stalling in Ledford trial tilts balance of justice Mayor Jim Ledford's trial date has been put off again. This is... Full Story


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