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Obama administration extorting donations The pernicious Obama administration has been using extortion to fund their pet projects including Black Lives Matter. First,... Full Story

Beware pitfalls of pot tax plan The idea floated before the Lancaster City Council that legalizing recreational marijuana will deliver a... Full Story

Marijuana shops will be coming to Lancaster Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris has spent his career in the business world so... Full Story

Nothing can be done with NRA in control I am done. Time to change the channel. Cops were killed in Dallas.... Full Story

Hillary getting favorable treatment Bill Clinton says he wasn't asking any favors for Hillary from Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the... Full Story

Spend taxes on more law enforcement The Antelope Valley Press on July 12 wrote about a father and son, 80 years... Full Story

'Elite' should follow gun control laws, too Gov. Jerry Brown, disarm your bodyguard. No need to carry a weapon. California struck down... Full Story

Republicans cultivated Trump the politician In his "Donald Trump running as Donald Trump - surprise," columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote, in part,... Full Story

Lancaster's homeless tax measure is a scam A question to our country and the citizens of Lancaster regarding the homeless... Full Story

Death should not have been the first choice Once again, for the second time this week, a black man was shot... Full Story

Homeless should help build their homes 'Brother, can you spare a dime? ... Trailers for sale or rent ... Rooms to... Full Story

Democratic socialism is simply redundant The frustrating phrase "democratic socialism" - made popular by the (social Democrat) Bernie Sanders - is... Full Story

Get out and vote all the new taxes down Homeowners, look out for all the new taxes and new fees that... Full Story

Why does Palmdale allow this insanity? I've always believed that when we stop caring about other people's comfort, it is... Full Story

I'll never vote for a career politician I wonder how many people are aware that our congressmen and women are exempt... Full Story


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