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We are not the world's caretakers anymore Is our federal government exempt from laws that govern us all? Border patrol, Immigration... Full Story

Is president under influence of voodoo? You can do anything mean or hateful, if you blame it on a doll? This is... Full Story

Putting this principle in play at White House 'An observation that in an hierarchy people tend to rise to their level... Full Story

Fight climate change with the help of trees After reading Thomas Elias' latest rant on the dreaded climate change, I thought... Full Story

'Regardless' sounds like code to her ears To Nancy Abbott: If you and others feel that President Barack Obama is the... Full Story

You can tell a lot by where he vacations? There's an old South American saying, "money whitens." It's like a passport that... Full Story

What about those 17,000 of us at risk? Red-state Republican governors and legislatures who refuse to expand Medicaid under the Affordable... Full Story

The real villains here are diseased children Cheers to Murrieta for standing up for American citizens and stopping three buses filled... Full Story

We don't want to pay for your health care A recent letter writer expressed bewilderment as to why people are opposed... Full Story

Corruption is not a metric judged by race Every time I read an opinion from Bill Pappas, he seems to be... Full Story

Let us know about the demonstrations We watched the demonstration of the people living in Murietta protesting the arrival of busloads... Full Story

Diatribes do not add to debate's discourse Most are aware of the Santayana quote regarding those who forget history being condemned... Full Story

Immediate action was called for in this crisis As a liberal Democrat, I have supported the president on most matters. However... Full Story

We don't want to make ourselves act like them Will Brown sent in a letter in which he said, "So, bleeding-heart... Full Story

Wyatt Earp was no poster boy for the law The worst mistakes made are the ones that we don't learn from,... Full Story


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