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Will Fox pay for his own wrongdoing? Oh boy, Steve Fox is running for state Assembly. Now, I recall the work-related... Full Story

Non-citizens do cast votes in US elections Thomas D. Elias crowed about the California Secretary of State Alex Padilla's disrespect of... Full Story

What are we doing to beautiful desert? I think the bullet train should be put down the drain, but my big... Full Story

AR-15s not needed for hunting, home defense Every major shooting over the last number of years has had one thing in... Full Story

Doesn't trust city officials in west Valley Re: "Protect AV poppy fields." Here are my thoughts in response to the... Full Story

Home schooling perfectly fine Guy Marsh, I must complain. Are there bases for your comments on homeschooling? I have been home-schooled... Full Story

A degree in logic, linguistics, syntax As written by Stuart A. Cannold poop is still poop. What an eloquent way... Full Story

Respect Earth, the only planet we have The land cries out. Yes, our Mother Earth cries out for respect and mercy.... Full Story

More teen garage bands needed I recently read Betty Urbina's muse about the positive effects garage bands can have on our... Full Story

Vasquez Rocks should keep their name Tiburcio Vasquez was allegedly the inspiration for Johnston McCulley's fictional character Zorro. Many of you know... Full Story

Maybe cut president a little bit of slack It distresses me when some of you writers dump on our president on... Full Story

Ryan didn't applaud Obama's speech This is in response to David Hall's letter regarding the Democrats not applauding the State of... Full Story

Report news beyond 140 characters A few comments regarding the (Feb. 3) Antelope Valley Press. First, the headline on the Devin... Full Story

Joe Kennedy III now Democrat court jester Joe Kennedy III is now the court jester of the Democratic Party with... Full Story

Editors: Don't dig yourself into a hole Your editorial dismissing the Nunes memo as "underwhelming" is totally flawed by the example... Full Story


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