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Carson knocked for the things he said Poor Stuart Chapman, trying to make a funny about turning a liberal into a... Full Story

California: Just say no to legalized marijuana I hope the people of California will follow Ohio's lead in turning down legalizing... Full Story

Bicyclists pay for roads when they drive Responding to recent letters regarding bicyclists "taking a test and paying a fee": In... Full Story

State of the Union: Duck your heads I think when it comes to the "State of the Union," we should take... Full Story

Right-wing criticism toughens Democrats The right-wingers in this country and in this letters' section haven't yet realized that by throwing everything... Full Story

Make bicyclists get license, pay fee Steven Brewer brought up a good question when he asks how the bicyclists are helping... Full Story

Gas prices are up; impeach Obama The government gave the reason for no Social Security cost of living allowance increase as... Full Story

Secret Service agents are trained with guns Stuart Chapman wrote, "President Barack Obama, I will vote for tighter gun control as... Full Story

Decision on pipeline not lack of leadership There were two articles in a recent edition regarding President Barack Obama's "squashing" of... Full Story

Recognized You gotta love it. Glamour magazine awards a "Woman of the Year " award to Caitlin Jenner, who was anatomically... Full Story

Are Americans really paying attention? If Americans paid more attention to what Washington is doing instead of what the media is... Full Story

She wouldn't vote for Clinton for dog catcher After reading Bill Pappas take on the Benghazi hearings, I'd like to give... Full Story

U.S. must protect Israel from enemies Israel is a small nation and has been fighting now for thousands of years to... Full Story

Don't throw rocks if you live in glass house On a TV program, Hillary Clinton said the GOP is the party... Full Story

Labor unions and political expenses I have repeatedly seen letters published indicating the writers feel unions are bad and they take... Full Story


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