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Global carbon tax is absolute imperative In light of new satellite-based evidence gathered by the European Space Agency's CyroSat mission which... Full Story

Tax the pipeline and use more solar, wind Why doesn't Congress (Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer) amend the Keystone pipeline... Full Story

This game is catching on with our readers Continuing George Jung's Jeopardy game. For $0, A: An idea that is suggested... Full Story

There was nothing to do but call us names Apparently, not believing in evolution the way Mr. Jung does makes me... Full Story

You can be injured by doing almost anything Yes, I would go on the space flight. The possibility of becoming fatally... Full Story

Let's talk about those celestial bodies in sky Stars are various amounts of matter undergoing a fusion reaction. Our sun is... Full Story

To solve problems, we need to live in reality After the 2008 election, many felt that the way the campaign had... Full Story

A mantra to follow I always respect every one that I meet, until their actions deem it no longer necessary. Jim Brock,... Full Story

Who amongst us still can darn pair of socks? Declining family values is sinking our country at an alarming rate. When... Full Story

Remember to answer in form of a question Let's play "GOP Jeopardy." Round One: Science Literacy. Category: Evolution. Q: For $500: Which... Full Story

With a good attorney, we could all be paying If Michelle Obama divorces her hubby just before he gets the boot... Full Story

Need leaders who will uphold the rule of law Democrats like Nancy Pelosi made a serious mistake in supporting President Barack... Full Story

Don't waste the votes we just handed you I consider election mailers as junk mail and just throw them away. I... Full Story

Two news items that he kept close eye on In the general category of "I told you so," two recent news... Full Story

Steve Knight thanks voters and volunteers I want to thank the voters and my volunteers in the Antelope Valley for supporting... Full Story


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