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Is Clinton hiding from press conferences? Is Hillary Clinton ever going to have a press conference? This is where she actually... Full Story

Clothing Men in denim built our country. Men in suits have destroyed it. Judy Watson, Lancaster... Full Story

Our money going to help 'those in need' This is an absolutely true incident that occurred recently. While I was in... Full Story

Just easier for some parents to pass blame Why only blame teachers on low California SAT scores? My typical teen... Full Story

To live like Republican, vote for a Democrat A recent letter claimed that Republicans always fix a poor economy left... Full Story

How will they answer their constituents? As Donald Trump bombasts his way into another week of his presidential campaign, it seems... Full Story

'Rules of engagement' shouldn't exist in war If we fought World War II using the "rules of engagement," we would be... Full Story

Contributions keep drug prices high Outrageous drug prices. Why? What to do? "How stupid is the government?" intellectual attorney A. Engelberg... Full Story

Set up a farm for homeless individuals When will our city realize that there are many of us who are not... Full Story

Government needs complete overhaul Our government needs a complete overhaul from the bottom up to the very top. We have more... Full Story

Black inmates don't get breaks like Hinckley So the latest is that Mr. John Hinckley, the man who infamously shot President... Full Story

We need new blood, ideas in White House I don't understand why people are attacking Donald Trump just because he attacked... Full Story

Enough large, empty buildings for homeless Lancaster wants to tax its residents to pay for building a new homeless shelter.... Full Story

Dangerous beauty of America is in choice One of the interesting things of having 5 decades under your belt... Full Story

Turmoil, dissension surround hospital There have been many articles in our paper addressing turmoil and dissension surrounding Antelope Valley Hospital lately.... Full Story


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