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Lawmakers ignore legitimate citizens Re: "A homeless crisis exists in AV": Yes indeed, there has been a homeless crisis in the... Full Story

Transgender bathroom issue fear-mongering The current Republican "transgender bathroom" scare is just so much more of their crusade and fear-mongering against... Full Story

He agrees totally with Senior Scene columnist I agree wholeheartedly with Betti Urbina's April 26 column ("Keep walking and working... Full Story

Ledford, Corrales, Martinez do a lot After reading Cesar M. Vega Magallon's letter April 23 where he calls into question the... Full Story

End lifetime tenure of Supreme Court justices You can see why I would like for the Supreme Court to have limits.... Full Story

U.S. Postal Service is doing an excellent job After reading his letter (about the U.S. Postal Service), I came to the... Full Story

So sad about talented people who we've lost Well, another one bites the dust. So sad that talented people cannot... Full Story

Won't get ahead if you rely on government I think Vincent White deserves a better answer to his questions - Why... Full Story

Support legislation to combat homelessness Why does it seem as though there is no solution for homelessness? Why does it seem... Full Story

From hero to zero as history is rewritten It has been said that history is rewritten every 20 years. That might... Full Story

Where does all the tax money get spent? Money makes the world go around: As a news purveyor, who is more... Full Story

Make up your mind Liberals scream, "Keep Christianity out of government," then tell people to use their Christian values to bring... Full Story

Writer doesn't recall feeling oppressed Lynde Williams says white Americans will lose their freedoms. Sadly, black Americans know how to live... Full Story

ACLU needs to change to get his support Recently I have received a number of solicitations from the American Civil Liberties... Full Story

Lower unemployment numbers don't add up Our government tells its people unemployment is around 5% to 6%. What are they going... Full Story


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