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AV Rural Museum is inclusive of all Valley In response to a recent letter to the editor, "Palmdale needs a museum... Full Story

Jail animal torturers before they kill people Since doctors and scientists of all disciplines have done research that found serial killers... Full Story

Gas taxes diverted to public transportation Columnist Dan Walters wrote Aug. 24 that our state highways are among the worst despite... Full Story

Battle over female reproduction functions Planned Parenthood and Pro-Life are two organizations prominently immersed in the realm of an enormous political... Full Story

Arrogant? Maybe so, with God on his side According to one Dick Sly, I am an "arrogant Bible thumper." I really... Full Story

Children of aliens are not U.S. citizens There have been heated conversations over The Donald's recent statements regarding illegals and "anchor... Full Story

Physicist criticizes climate theories Dr. Ivar Giaever, Nobel Prize-winning scientist, supported President Barack Obama, yet states global warming is a non-problem. He... Full Story

All too reminiscent of Munich agreement In recent days, President Barack Obama and Secretary John Kerry have been giving speeches that... Full Story

Lower gas prices, then you can increase tax A recent article in the Antelope Valley Press talked about a proposed 10-cent-a-gallon... Full Story

High speed money $56 million just to do a study of routing high-speed rail? The government doesn't care how much of... Full Story

Think about the U.S., not the political party Vincent White, thank you for defining the word "hypocrite" in your letter in... Full Story

Support amendment on campaign finance When is someone going to start a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United ruling? The... Full Story

Gas reduction, vaccine bills good for Valley How long does it take to travel across the Antelope Valley by bus? One... Full Story

For some Christians, it's their way, no way Lyndell Brown claimed that my comment "... Some Christians are simply bullies who... Full Story

Aerospace Valley our best brand For more years than I can remember, Valley Press editor emeritus Vern Lawson Sr. has promoted... Full Story


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