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New 'freeloader' definition Jerry Brown's new definition for "freeloader" is the highest-taxed citizens of any other state. Jeff Storm, Palmdale... Full Story

Trump needs a new agency to stop leaks With the numerous Wiki-leaks and White House leaks to the media, the president... Full Story

Who would you prefer living next door? With the California-elected Democrats emptying out our jails and prisons, I want to know... Full Story

Thanks for article on tenant protections Thank you Antelope Valley Press for covering the very informative and timely business alert... Full Story

Impossible to inform public of drivers' strike On behalf of the Antelope Valley Transit Authority, we want to express our sincere... Full Story

Once a predator always a predator My heart breaks for the young man who was assaulted on a school bus. The... Full Story

Tweets disrespect office of the president Donald Trump's tweets degrade and disrespect the office of the president. I respect... Full Story

Areas where money needs to be spent The purpose of any municipality is to provide for the safety and welfare of... Full Story

Missing in action Mayor Jim Ledford finally showed up for work - after missing in action for a week ... with... Full Story

AVTA drivers' strikes: When will they end? I am writing about a problem that is happening in the Antelope Valley. I... Full Story

There is still some hope for this world A recent letter from Wallace Smith, "Helpful motorists: Still hope for the world,"... Full Story

Flores uses nonprofit for political ambitions Xavier Flores wrote that he and his cohorts in Pueblo y Salud have "attended en... Full Story

76% of trauma tax goes to three hospitals In the May 12 editorial "Trauma-care tax allocation needs a change," the... Full Story

Remember bloody cost of Korean War Interesting account of Vito Canzaneri's time with the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team in... Full Story

Sykes insulted blacks, Asians, whites, bikers I am sure I am not the only one to be incensed by the article... Full Story


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