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Now he gets to share his 'Point of View' here Having read the April 20 Opinion page feature "Point of View"... Full Story

Barking dogs make for lousy neighbors In regards to Sharon Rice about barking dogs: Years back we had a family move... Full Story

Story as written was pretty slim to start with I just saw the movie "Noah." What a huge disappointment. I understand... Full Story

Taking exception to this misinformation And the resounding beat of the far right wing's echo chamber continues in all of its... Full Story

Thanks for responding in a polite, civil manner Art Sirota, thank you for your rebuttal to my letter of March 4.... Full Story

Hire them for skills, fire them for behavior In your editorial on the plight of American workers, I have a theory... Full Story

More thoughts worth sharing with readers A few random observations: Complicated does create jobs and fools people. Full Story

Leave shoulderband snails to their homes It may seem silly or trivial, but why should this not be passed? Think about... Full Story

When will the rest of the nation wake up? The Alabama House just woke up and passed a law that welfare... Full Story

Think again before entering this arena If you are thinking of investing in rental properties, my advice is to think again.... Full Story

Obama is a militarist, and second to none The Antelope Valley Press editorial "Obama + Hagel = America as 'paper tiger,'"... Full Story

It's comparing apples to oranges in debate Once again we have Mr. Harris, Ph.D, comparing apples and oranges. His latest tirade... Full Story

Movie does place a value on animal lives Television host Glenn Beck and other stalwarts of the Christian right have attacked... Full Story

Ridiculous amount of time wasted on ads As an Angels fan and a Braves fan, I am somewhat upset that I... Full Story

Local humor is funny because it is so true Two friends, one from Palmdale and one from Lancaster, meet on the... Full Story


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