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No reverence toward evil people in Lancaster This letter is in response to Stan Lockshin. Dear Sir, if Syed Rizwan Farook and... Full Story

Not just the same kind of political hacks Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have something in common. Donald Trump isn't a... Full Story

Elected officials show their ineptness again Isn't it funny how seemingly inept elected officials and government workers have become this generation? How... Full Story

Combat uniforms seem to be fashionable Combat uniforms seem to be the coming the fashion trend of the world. When I was... Full Story

Are holidays about 40% off on sales? Yes, man has indeed lost the true meaning of the holidays. The following holidays,... Full Story

Burial controversy reminds him of another I read Art Sirota's letter to the editor printed Jan. 17 with great amusement. He... Full Story

Is high-speed rail really necessary for state? There has been much written about the effects of the high-speed rail in California.... Full Story

Still holding to King's dream after 50 years On Jan. 15, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have celebrated his 87th... Full Story

A suggestion from someone who knows I would like to thank Dr. Kamal Al-Khatib for his thoughtful article regarding the burial... Full Story

Explaining theism, loving fellow men Art Sirota asks: "Which god should be brought into the home?" He points out there have been... Full Story

President, media to blame for divisions President Barack Obama said he regrets the country has not been more united during his... Full Story

Eleanor Roosevelt at the top of her list I just finished reading a book that needs to be shared. This is... Full Story

Better vote for Trump than a chump What is wrong with the people of our country? How do we begin to... Full Story

Where was the empty baby stroller at speech? Although I did not see King Obama's state of the union address, it... Full Story

Weather report It's starting to look like El Nio is turning out to be El Nada Ed Hale,... Full Story


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