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Saluting those who fought for freedom As I stand tall with honor, and Old Glory wrapped around my heart, I salute... Full Story

Two sides to everyone, not just Donald Trump Re: "'Two Trumps' surfacing in transition." Aren't there two sides to everyone? Connie... Full Story

Looking in mirror: Made in image of God To the anonymous person who sent me a letter regarding my opinion on... Full Story

Criminals have no value to society LAPD's police commission is now suggesting that their officers use the least possible force during... Full Story

More objects need government control Piggybacking on Art Aylesworth's thought-provoking recent letter regarding "knife control" we must not stop there. We must... Full Story

Christmas celebrates love toward fellow man David Siu sent in a letter that praised a student named Owen Hall for placing... Full Story

Trump's comments directed at 'guests' If anyone is under the impression that Donald Trump doesn't understand that flag-burning is a constitutionally... Full Story

Palmdale municipal government at work Mayor James Ledford, would you please explain to residents of Palmdale why it takes going on... Full Story

We can do better by just being ourselves Did you read Dr. Miguel Coronado's opinion on Thanksgiving Day? I am an... Full Story

More important than not wearing a flag pin? I recall folks losing their minds when President Barack Obama wasn't wearing a... Full Story

Many good reasons to support Donald Trump In response to Dr. Miguel S. Coronado: In a recent letter, you invoke several derogatory... Full Story

Ballot measures shouldn't be misleading The California liberal leadership has gone too far with plastic bags in interfering and inconveniencing... Full Story

TGIF Thank God Black Friday is over. Now we can all look forward to a white Christmas. Lyle Talbot, Lancaster... Full Story

County should take over AV Hospital It has become sickening reading about Antelope Valley Hospital and the wasted taxpayer money that... Full Story

Republicans will win upcoming fights So New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer is already threatening President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet choices and... Full Story


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