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Let's hear from more Christians about ISIS Some have been saying Muslims should speak up about radical ISIS, as they should.... Full Story

Dialing up history to debate immigration In response to Dr. Miguel Coronado's opinion letter dated March 13: America is a nation... Full Story

Some suggestions for best letters to editor Kudos to the Antelope Valley Press for providing a venue for our opinions. I have... Full Story

Government has the taxpayers on the run We need to recall Gov. Moonbeam and put someone in Sacramento who will address... Full Story

Good news for that youth demographic The millennials have gotten a lot of negative media attention lately and my oldest granddaughter... Full Story

Strap on your knee pads and enjoy this A few years ago I wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that... Full Story

Hard to tell if sarcasm is genuine or a put-on Golly, for Hillary Clinton's "convenience" - using her personal email account... Full Story

The Antelope Valley Press welcomes our readers to write in and comment on the news of the day and the... Full Story

He should be fighting ISIS in Washington The Middle East is burning. Christians, Jews, women and children are being slaughtered by... Full Story

Just suggesting it was a reprehensible idea U.S. Code 1401 granting citizenship based upon birth in the U.S. has to be... Full Story

Local congressman does the right thing A lot of respect for our congressman, Steve Knight. When he was campaigning for his... Full Story

Relationship between God, evolution exists Many letters to the editor refer to the existence of God and alleged incompatibility of God... Full Story

We should have seen this one coming I just saw an advertisement for a psychic scheduled to appear soon in Lancaster.... Full Story

Everything is better when it boosts freedom I really enjoyed the March 6 pro-gun letter by Curt Redecker, "A response to... Full Story

Not a big fan of having to set his clock ahead We need to put pressure on our elected state representatives... Full Story


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