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Thanks to all who decorate their homes Thank you to all who go to the trouble and expense of decorating... Full Story

Drive-thru Now that the Acton community can ban new drive-thru businesses, it is only fair to ban Acton residents from using... Full Story

Thanks to all who decorate their homes Thank you to all who go to the trouble and expense of decorating the... Full Story

Intersection Racial justice is an immigrant right issues, and immigrant rights are a racial justice issue. Dr. Miguel S.... Full Story

Wall Street stock records, AV economy EDITOR'S NOTE: These are additional comments received for Sunday's Have Your Say poll, which asked... Full Story

Disinformation in high gear on tax overhaul Wednesday mornings paper had an article regarding the current tax bill and the people... Full Story

Just what do you think you're doing, Mitch? I've heard a lot about Alexa. I had a prototype version several... Full Story

Show the folly of water cut overkill An environmental science professional's warning that excessive financial penalties on landscape irrigation are killing... Full Story

Don't put blame on enlisted men in Vietnam Guy Marsh's letter in Sunday's paper is once again hard for a... Full Story

Tweets show pressure is mounting on Trump As special counsel Robert Mueller's team gets closer and closer to exposing Donald Trump... Full Story

Left to die alone in a box beside a road She was found alongside the road in a cardboard box, four... Full Story

Women are bravely fighting back now I guess I am really old when 1) I can't keep up with all... Full Story

Be thankful for good president is doing Sure hope that Trump haters Guy Marsh and Jeannie L. Head read Cal Thomas'... Full Story

Wildlife What animal subtype is rarely seen in the wild, yet inhabits Hollywood and Washington? Sex-starved monkeys. Dave Walker, Palmdale... Full Story

Double standard alive, well against women Regarding the editorial "Why is Conyers only now becoming news?" You are the one... Full Story


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