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Thanks for letters that don't just ramble on I truly appreciate the fact that some folks can deliver their opinion to... Full Story

Ignoring laws brings anarchy to our nation OK, I get it. It is OK and not prosecutable if you are in... Full Story

Government does work and does listen In the spring when I am preparing my income tax returns and in the fall... Full Story

Meals on Wheels After federal budget cuts, it looks like the Meals on Wheels program will be running on flat tires. Lyle... Full Story

Keep an open mind and a seeking soul With regard to the debate between Pastor Shane Idleman of Westside Christian Fellowship... Full Story

Education doesn't cover a foul mouth Recently, Maxine Waters referred to President Donald Trump and all of his people as scumbags. Now... Full Story

Invite president to see new bomber work In the past three weeks I have emailed Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford and... Full Story

Dust, Valley fever will come from solar fields Could Valley fever be the epidemic we don't see coming? Local environmental conditions have... Full Story

Nixon was nervous about phone tapping Back in 1968, Richard Nixon was nervous that Lyndon Johnson had wiretapped his phone and... Full Story

No dress rehearsal, the past, and hiding faces Three things: It is a pity there is no dress rehearsal for life.... Full Story

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice Republicans say that tax cuts and deregulation will make... Full Story

Trump directly in line of investigations Having already seen his first choice for national security adviser resign over his contact with... Full Story

Get ready to write letters about travel The group Judicial Watch calculated President Barack Obama racked up travel expenses totaling $97... Full Story

Climate change: Evidence can be found As a little girl living in the panhandle of Texas I was mesmerized with... Full Story

No one can force a defendant to plead Mr. Greg Thomas Sr., ex-convict, was seen on the front page of the... Full Story


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