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Dear Annie: If I go to bed and watch the television, my husband insists I turn it off when he... Full Story

Dear Annie: I divorced more than a year ago after a 35-year marriage that was dysfunctional. I did not handle... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am 63 and I help daily with my 94-year-old mother, who lives by herself. I run errands... Full Story

Dear Annie: A year after my wife and I divorced, I reconnected with a woman I had met some 30... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am in my 60s and 6 feet 7 inches tall, and I am fed up with being... Full Story

Dear Annie: All the advice columns I've read recommend not moving in together before marriage - or at least not... Full Story

Dear Annie: Can you give me some advice about how to adjust to my husband's imminent early-ish retirement? He has... Full Story

Dear Annie: As is probably the case for many women in their mid-20s, I live with several roommates. Initially, I... Full Story

Dear Annie: My husband takes antidepressants. He suffers from severe anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If he doesn't take... Full Story

Dear Annie: This is my 36th year as a stepmother, and I am writing in hopes of helping others who... Full Story

Dear Annie: Two years after my mentally ill mother passed away, my retired 76-year-old father, "Juan," started dating a 61-year-old... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am an only child. I have always been very close to my mother. When my husband and... Full Story

Dear Annie: I hope you can settle a conflict I have with my boyfriend of almost nine years. One of... Full Story

Dear Annie: My youngest son, "Thomas," met his present wife, "Eva," 13 years ago. Before then, we were a very... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am a woman in my mid-60s with multiple sclerosis, which is under control. Although a trip out... Full Story


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