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Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I recently found out that my 62-year-old husband has been texting a woman with whom he had an... Full Story

Dear Annie: My younger sister, "Nora," is 43 and acts like an 18-year-old brat. She became pregnant nine years ago... Full Story

Dear Annie: My husband, an only child, never had a great relationship with his father, "Clyde." My mother-in-law died six... Full Story

Dear Annie: When I was a teenager, one of my cousins tried to molest me when we were at our... Full Story

Dear Annie: I had sole care of my mother, and when she died three years ago, I wrote the death... Full Story

Dear Annie: My husband's half-brother is 59 and working as a custodian. "John" does not drink or smoke and can... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am Protestant, and my husband was baptized in the Catholic Church, but religion was never important to... Full Story

Dear Annie: Please help me understand why my husband of 10 years is slowly distancing himself. We used to laugh,... Full Story

Dear Annie: I have been married to my husband for six years. A few months after the wedding, I found... Full Story

Dear Annie: A few years ago, I obtained a quote from a company for a manufacturing service. My business ended... Full Story

Dear Annie: Before my father died, my husband and I promised him we would bring my mother to live with... Full Story

Dear Annie: I've been in an abusive marriage for nearly 15 years, and I can't take another day. My husband... Full Story

Dear Annie: Looking at me now, you would never think I struggled with mental illness. I am a second-year graduate... Full Story

Dear Annie: I beg you to tell adult children not to massage their curiosity and egos by milking the accursed... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am a 66-year-old male. Six months ago, I lost my life partner, my love of 33 years.... Full Story


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