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Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My father recently passed away. Dad was helping to support my 43-year-old brother, "Ben," who suffers from depression... Full Story

Dear Annie: My husband and I meet up with a group of family and close friends every week for lunch. One... Full Story

Dear Readers: Memorial Day has become a three-day holiday of picnics and cookouts. But there is a reason for this... Full Story

Dear Annie: I work in an office with 35 women, and it seems as though someone is always hating someone... Full Story

Dear Annie: Is there any end to it? I am 68 and have been married for 44 years. My husband... Full Story

Dear Annie: I've been seeing (and sleeping with) "Jordan'" for eight months. We met at the gym, and I asked... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am 17 years old and still in high school. I recently became "Jake's" girlfriend. We've been dating... Full Story

Dear Annie: I recently dated a woman who never offered to pay for a meal, a movie or so much... Full Story

Dear Annie: I have been with "Joe" since his wife died nine years ago. The problem is, we have different... Full Story

Dear Annie: My daughter recently married for the first time. Her attendants were her three best friends. Their friendship goes... Full Story

Dear Annie: I'd like to start a small business, but I'm afraid to mingle my finances with my husband's. We have... Full Story

Dear Annie: My next-door neighbor has made my husband and me feel like prisoners in our own home. The day we... Full Story

Dear Annie: My best friend, "Clara," and I have known each other for 30 years. We're both retired and live... Full Story

Dear Annie: I have a problem with one of my best friends, and I hope you can help. "Monique" and... Full Story

Dear Annie: Last week, my husband and I were able to secure tickets to a movie that had been sold... Full Story


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