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Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My wife is pregnant with our first child. She's due in a few weeks and recently asked me... Full Story

Dear Annie: "Susie" and I are long-term friends. We've known each other for 40 years. My husband and I moved... Full Story

Dear Annie: As hard as it is for me to talk about this, my problem is that I suffer from... Full Story

Dear Annie: My roommate has an annoying habit. Every time he uses the bathroom, he keeps the water running. We... Full Story

Dear Annie: Frustration is interrupting my sleep, upsetting my stomach and leaving me on the edge of tears or screaming.... Full Story

Dear Annie: After working my whole life, I am retiring in a couple of weeks. I've been looking forward to... Full Story

Dear Annie: Why can't children of widowed parents be happy when their surviving parent finds a new companion? As a... Full Story

Dear Annie: I'm a pretrial detainee, and I've been in jail waiting for my day in court for going on... Full Story

Dear Annie: My wife, "Andrea," bumped into an old friend, "Gary," at our tennis club's New Year's Eve party. They... Full Story

Dear Annie: I have a beautiful daughter in her mid-20s. She is attractive, bright, friendly and hardworking. She has so... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am a 36-year-old man living with my father. I also have autism, and because of this, I... Full Story

Dear Annie: There are three sisters in my family. Two of us are childless. Our other sister now has seven... Full Story

Dear Annie: I am an attractive and well-educated divorced woman. Recently, a man whom I dated several years ago contacted... Full Story

Dear Annie: In this day and age, when one has to be constantly aware of scams, I find it terribly... Full Story

Dear Annie: About six months ago, my boyfriend, "Jordan," relocated to another state for work. We've talked about my eventually... Full Story


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