Halloween Crafts - Mummy



Ghosts, goblins and ghoulies are always in demand for any fright fest. A menacing mummy is the perfect disguise for those wanting to frighten friends and family.

You'll need 5 yards of white or off-white lightweight cotton material. You can also use some old white sheets the mustier the better to replicate the aged wrappings of an ancient pharaohs buried in the pyramids of Egypt.

If your fabric is bright white, you can soak it in unsweetened tea for an hour or so, rinse and hang dry.

Cut the fabric into 3-inch wide strips.

Have the body child, that is put on white, gray or brown pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Begin wrapping the strips at the neck line. Using a low temperature glue gun or Tacky glue, glue strips to hold the ends in place.

Apply glue in other areas as you wrap to hold bandages in place.

For an extra creepy touch, splotch watered-down greenish-yellow paint onto areas of the wrapping for a moldy look.

For the face, use a leftover piece of fabric that is approximately the size of a bandana and cut out holes for eyes and mouth. Wrap around face and head and tie in the back.

Since many public schools are prohibiting masks, use white makeup on the face and, using a black or gray eye-liner, draw lines caused by wrinkling the face. You can also color in dark circles around the eyes and blacken the lips for a ghastly look.