Halloween Crafts - Super Hero


Super Hero Costumes

Once the outfits are assembled, make them complete with accessories including lightening bolt, alphabet letters and a super planet logo, as well as masks, headbands, cuffs and a super hero cape.

Print out the templates at 100% and follow these instructions courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.



 Mask and headband how-to:

  • Headband template
  • Cardboard eye mask
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • 2 10-inch pieces of 1/2-inch ribbon
  • 1 length reflective tape, 30 inches
  • Glitter paper
  • Cut-out or punched stars 

For the mask, use a pen to draw your desired outline, and cut out. (Snip from top and bottom, but leave sides intact.) Remove the mask's elastic, and glue ribbon at sides.

Print templates of headband and crest. Cut out and trace the headband onto reflective tape and the crest onto glitter paper. Glue star to crest, then glue crest to headband. Let dry. Center crest on forehead, and wrap band around head; trim ends to allow a 1-inch overlap. Glue ends.


Belt and cuffs how-to:

  • Cuff template
  • 2-inch-wide strip of kraft paper, muslin, or reflective tape, cut to fit around child's waist with 1-inch overlap
  • Painters' tape in a variety of colors
  • Two 2-by-8-inch strips of kraft paper or muslin
  • Fabric glue

Make belt: Cover long paper or muslin with desired color of painters' tape. (If using reflective tape, skip this step.) Create belt buckle by trimming pieces of painters' tape and sticking them to the center of strip.

Make cuffs: Print cuff template at 100% and cut out. Trace onto the shorter pieces of paper or muslin, and cut out. Cover cutout with desired color of painters' tape. Wrap around wrist so the ends overlap at slight angle, forming a peak. Tape or glue in place.


Super hero cape and T-shirt how-to:

  • Felt or sparkly paper, holographic metallic-effect film, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, in Silver-Shine
  • Small sharp scissors
  • 36-by-36-inch piece of polyester satin (or T-shirt)
  • 24 inches of 1/2-inch chromspun grosgrain ribbon, 5/8 inch, in Neon Orange and Gray
  • Fabric glue
  • Safety pin

Print out template of choice at 100% or use a stencil for alphabet letter of choice. Cut out and trace onto felt or paper and cut out shape.

Make cape: Fold over 1 side of the fabric by 1 inch and press with a cool iron. Sew down flap, creating a 3/4-inch channel. Attach safety pin to 1 end of ribbon and thread through (no-sew option: snip holes along 1 edge and run ribbon through).

Attach letter or symbol; lay cape or T-shirt flat and squeeze glue all over the back of the letter or symbol. Position on cape or shirt and let dry.

Symbol Templates