About the Paper - Demographics


Serving a dynamic market covering 3,000 square miles and populated by 300,000 people, the Antelope Valley Press is committed to the communities of the California High Desert.

The Antelope Valley's demographic picture is rapidly changing as many people with higher education and income levels are making the Valley their home. Overall, the new arrivals are younger, more affluent and have more children. The region's average household size has grown to 3.03 people and the median household income has risen to $60,641. Reflecting this prosperity, 67.87% of Antelope Valley householders are homeowners.

When it comes to communicating with the consumers in this thriving market, the Antelope Valley Press is the one medium that reaches them.

The Valley Press covers all of the Greater Antelope Valley with the largest news and advertising teams in the High Desert. Local news, local people and local businesses are our priorities.

No other newspaper knows or cares as much about the Antelope Valley as the Antelope Valley Press. Since 1915, through good times and bad, the Antelope Valley Press has been here for our communities. Local news, the news that touches the lives of our readers most directly, is Number One at the Valley Press.

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