Valley Press staff phone numbers and email addresses


Any member of the Valley Press news staff may be reached by e-mail through, a general delivery kind of facility for the entire newsroom.

Letters to the editor may be sent to

News releases may be sent to

Editors with e-mail addresses are:

U.S. Postal addresses and fax numbers may be found on the contact us page.

Newsroom Staff

Chief Editorial Assistant
Arnold, Sheri
(661) 267-4206
Staff Writer
Drake, Julie
(661) 267-4212
Garcia, Jennifer
(661) 267-4119
Staff Writer
Gatlin, Allison
(661) 267-4221
Sports Writer
Golden, Brian
(661) 940-5344
Sports Writer
Hendry, Alan
(661) 267-4170
Sports Editor
Jensen, Merisa
(661) 267-4158
Chief Photographer
Kristo, Evelyn
(661) 267-4183
Night Editor
Marchan, Terry
(661) 267-4225
City/Religion Editor/ Assigning
Price, Gerry
(661) 267-4163
Showcase Editor
Shackley, Andrew
(661) 267-4159
Business Editor
Skeen, Jim
(661) 267-4138
Valley Life (661) 267-4136
City Editor/ Night
Wise, John
(661) 267-4151