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Second Front Page

Readers get a full serving of regional, state, national and international news in each edition of the Antelope Valley Press.

Most newspapers put the far-from-home news on the front page and the local news on a section page farther back.

We do it the other way around, because local news involves our readers the most. But we don't skimp on the wire service reports. That's why we created the Second Front, a complete and concise report on all the big stories from around the nation and the world. Two more pages of world, national and state news were recently added behind the Second Front.

Beyond Second Front, there is more wire news, including quick-read briefs of state, national and world news.

And because the Valley Press is printed in the Antelope Valley, our local readers get the latest and most complete reports on fast-breaking news overnight from The Associated Press, New York Times News Service, Copley News Service and Cox News Service.

Using the latest satellite and computer technology from the Associated Press, the Antelope Valley Press has 24-hour-a-day access to the best photojournalism and news from around the world.

Whether it's going to be cloudy, rainy or bright sunshine, the Antelope Vallley Press presents forecasts and weather statistics. AccuWeather, the nation's leading private provider of weather forecasting, produces a custom forecast every day, presented in a full-color map on the back of the Sports section.

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Besides daily temperature predictions for Antelope Valley communities, the page also presents temperature forecasts for dozens of California cities and for a selection of cities elsewhere across the United States and around the world. Also on the page are daily almanac listings with temperature records, precipitation and wind speeds for Lancaster and Palmdale, plus forecasts for commuters, beachgoers and Sierra vacationers. The page also provides air quality index and sunrise and moonrise times.

Accompanying the weather map is a daily story abut local history: biographies of Antelope Valley pioneers, tales of posses chasing killers and bank robbers, stories on train wrecks and plane crashes, explanations of how Valley landmarks got their names, accounts of Valley industries like aerospace and alfalfa ranching started.

The Antelope Valley Press is called a newspaper of record for the area because not only does it print the daily news and features that provide a running, historical chronicle of events, it also publishes many items from the public records kept by the courts and other governmental agencies.

Public records

Record news includes filings of civil suits, family law petitions relating to the dissolution of marriage, legal separation and annulment; birth announcements and obituaries.