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Can I place an ad or a link on your site?

We offer several ways for you to place your ad on our site.

1) Take out a classified ad in the printed edition, The Antelope Valley Press. Classified "liner" ads may be posted to the web site on the day of publication at the advertiser's discretion for a nominal charge.

2) Buy a listing in the Web Directory which appears on the AV's Hot Web Sites page in every Tuesday's Valley Press.

3) Place a banner ad. Ask your advertising representative about placing a banner ad on our key pages.

We also have promotional banner ads for different sections of the site, classifieds, etc.

Is there an archive of old stories and photos?

You can search old stories and photos using the search function

How can I send e-mail to a member of the Valley Press staff?

Editorial (newsroom) staff members with e-mail addresses are listed here.

More questions? If you didn't find the answer to your question, drop me a line at