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HOUCK, William J.
HOUCK, William J. AKA (for HAM operators): W8EPS.....Tiffin, Ohio W6BYV....Palmdale, Calif. K7RVW....Ely & Beatty, Nevada W6NSQ....Rosamond, Arvin California W3MID....Dad recalled this for Arvin and Bakersfield California 'Bill' Houck (Dad) passed away on July 9, 2012, after a short stay in the hospital. He slipped from us after surgery for a broken femur at the age of 92! He joins his bride Lois who preceded him October of 2010. His loneliness now resolved, his five sons; Doug, Jim, Harry, Andy and W. Dan and extended family carry their extraordinary values, work ethic and personality forward. We rejoice in the dedicated and re-dedicated Christian lives they lived. W. Dan recalls that: 'Dad didn't stand up and make statements, he just lived his life the best he knew how. I don't remember any "Big Deals" with him. He always changed the oil and replaced the air filter and donated blood and tithed and kept the bills paid and paid his taxes and the thousand and one other things that responsible adults are supposed to do to keep things running smoothly.' Bill was born on November 8, 1919, in Tiffin, Ohio to James and Ruth Houck. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and proudly served in World War II on the SS Philadelphia in the Mediterranean Sea. He was honorably discharged and married Lois on April 28, 1945, and worked with his brother John in the trucking business before leasing and farming in Ohio where the first four sons were born. He took the family West in 1956, to join the aerospace boom working for Convair in Palmdale, Calif., then joining NASA in 1960, where he finished his working career. His active involvement in tracking the X-15 as it flew over Nevada allowed the 5th son to be born in Tonopah and finished the Nevada sojourn moving to California in 1969, just in time to watch former X-15 pilot Neil Armstrong take an historic walk. Bill and Lois enjoyed active travel and hosting visits in Rosamond and Arvin before they lived their final years in Bakersfield under the watchful eye and caring hand of Jim. Dad will be missed sorely but we all take comfort that their anticipated Reward has been achieved. Many offered remembrances include his laugh; gopher hunting; adoptive daughters; cribbage mastery and scrabble tolerance; Tehachapi picnics; train watching; HAM radio enthusiast; and the guy with the camera(s) and slide projector! W.Dan again recollects: 'He had a wicked sense of humor. Shortly after his surgery to remove the tumor from his pituitary gland he was out in the yard in Rosamond, still using his walker. Mom was keeping an eye on him from her sewing room. He tottered out into the middle of the yard and tumbled over on to the ground. Mom leapt up from her sewing and rushed out. When she got out by his side he was laughing, "Gotcha" he says and hopped up.' Service will be held at the Bakersfield National Cemetery - date and time to be announced. Thank you Dad! Doug, Jim, Harry, Andy, W.Dan and their Wives; Grandsons, Granddaughters, Great Grandsons and Great Granddaughters

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