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BARLOW, Joyce E. April 8, 1929 ~ July 21, 2011 Peace in the Valley A Short Story by Mrs. Joyce E. Barlow There was a big beautiful Moon, shining over the water and the waves were washing up on the shore and the wind was blowing gently and the sea air was so refreshing she felt like a new woman. How long had it been since her life had changed and she wasnt alone any longer. It was like a new start, a new beginning and she felt young again. Her strength had come back and she was beautiful again, even though she was much older, her heart felt young again. There were these beautiful people who came to her out of the light that shone so bright. They hugged her and welcomed her and she felt so enchanted and unafraid. Her mind wondered back some how, she didnt know why. She saw herself lying on a bed and her family were all around her, looking so sad and crying. She wanted to ask why they were sad but she couldnt. Then her mind returned to where she was, by the sea and she wondered how anyone could be sad on such a beautiful day. She walked along the shore and she felt her feet dancing among the waves. She just couldnt believe how free she felt. She needed to know how this wonderful feeling of happiness and light feeling came to her. Was she on the other side. She knew a song once they said 'There will be Peace in the Valley Someday,' was this what the song meant. She didnt see any angels flying around or anything that looked unnatural. But there was someone walking toward her, she thought she looked familiar, the closer she came toward her, she knew who it was. It was her mother, with her arms outstretched to her, calling her name. They met crying and hugging. Her mother saying 'Ive waited so long. Your family is waiting to be with you again.' Then she knew. She had crossed over and then she knew that the song 'Peace in the Valley', was all she ever wanted.

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